Who we are

When a customer, dissatisfied with the services he hired, decided to change sides and become the supplier he always wanted, GWA was born. The goal, then, was to have a PR company that privileged service and kept the focus on the customer’s view.
In 1994, the term “boutique” was not yet in fashion, but it was already defining GWA. We have always been deliberately “small” to attend “great ideas”, knowing in depth each of our clients, their markets and expectations. We are not “owners” of countless accounts, but we provide a customized service, with close relationship and that responds to very specific needs in an effective and assertive way.
GWA prides itself on being “different” and able to run consistent and varied solutions that build lasting relationships among all involved in the communication process.

What we do?

Communication Strategies

Tuned with the dynamics of communication tools, GWA acts in a coordinated and synergistic way, offline and online, with solutions that include the most diverse formats. On this action front, convergence and interaction make all difference. The basis is our careful analysis of the available information, the key is quality and “salsa”, our creativity.

Media Relationship

We conduct and manage relationships among our customers and media in general to ensure the best results in terms of editorial positioning. With a maximum limited number of clients and the firm determination to know deeply the activities of each of them, we develop actions with previously agreed return metrics, guaranteeing consistent results.

Public Relations

Every successful company acts by taking care of its various stakeholders. GWA’s extensive knowledge in this area contributes to the construction and maintenance of quality relationships among its customers and their respective publics of interest, such as consumers, shareholders, employees, communities, NGOs, suppliers and distributors, sectorial entities, financial institutions and trade unions.

Content Development

With a specialized team, GWA sees needs and potentialities for its clients and is able to suggest and produce corporate publications, printed or digital, such as sustainability reports, books and magazines, and also brochures, newsletters, videos for television and websites.

Social Media

Understanding the companies’ current need to build solid images on social networks, GWA develops communication strategies for these platforms by creating quality content, design, engagement tracking and special projects.

Crisis Prevention and Management

Based on the assumption that preventing and managing crises are activities that must go hand-in-hand, GWA’s experience enables companies to have plans and manuals that minimize the occurrence of critical situations, as well as use appropriate tools and procedures to deal with situations of public tension.



Waldomiro Carvas Junior

Waldomiro Carvas Junior

After more than 20 years as executive in communication, marketing, planning and product development areas in the automotive (FIAT Automóveis) and financial sectors (Banco Crefisul, associated with Citibank), he founded GWA in 1994. Economist, graduated from the University of São Paulo, has specialized courses in marketing and communications at Getulio Vargas Foundation and leadership and strategy at IMD.
Luiz Ferreira

Luiz Ferreira

Journalist graduated in communication at Methodist University of São Paulo and a postgraduate degree in Corporate Social Responsibility from SENAC, he has experience in the automotive, industry, energy, construction, sports, sustainability and third sector areas.
E-mail: luiz@gwa.com.br
Camila Carvas

Camila Carvas

Jornalista formada pela Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, possui cursos de especialização na Fundação Getulio Vargas e na Fundação Instituto de Administração da USP. Atuou por mais de dez anos em redações – editoras Abril e Globo. Está na GWA desde 2014.
E-mail: camila@gwa.com.br


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